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Join the contingent of satisfied customers who have experienced the precision and reliability of the BMV60+!!!

BMV60+ (s) (Mitsubishi) without ATC

VMC, Model "CHAKRA+" (BMV60+) without ATC & Mitsubishi M80V CNC System

Experience unparalleled quality, precision, and productivity with the BMV 60+ Vertical Machining Center.
These machines feature a sturdy C-Frame construction, ensuring a rigid base and robust spindle. Coupled with high-precision feed mechanisms and state-of-the-art technologies, they deliver heavy-duty machining capabilities with superior accuracies.
The BMV 60+ series is designed to meet the demands of small to medium-sized applications for batch production. With a diverse range of options, our machining centers can be customized to meet specific application requirements, giving you a competitive edge in manufacturing.

Some of the unique features include:
- Compact footprint
- Superior aesthetics
- High metal removal rate
- Easy coolant and chip management
- Powerful spindle with various power and torque options

Discover the excellence of BMV 60+ series and elevate your machining capabilities to new heights

1) CNC System: Mitsubishi M80V
2) SpindleTaper: BT40
3) Spindle Power: 7.5/11 kW 
4) Spindle speed: 6000 rpm 
5) Coolant gun 
6) Air Gun
7) Ring coolant around the spindle 
8) 3 Tier Lamp 
9) Air Nozzle with M Code
10) Front Chip Disposal (Std.) 
11) Maintainence Tool Kit 
12) Front SS Strip near loading area 
13) Mobile MPG (BFW Make) 
14) Machine Lamp (2 Nos.) 
15) Roller Type LM Guideways for all axes
16) Hardned & Ground Ball Screws for all axes
17) Automatic Centralised Lubrication System 
18) Electronic counter balance 
19) Full Machine Guard (Std. Colour)
20) Machine Manuals (Soft Copy only) 
21) Ethernet port 
22) Packing


Traverses: X/Y/Z Axes  mm 1050/610/610
Distance from spindle face to table top (Std.)  mm 150-760
Table Size  mm 1250x600
T-Slot Specifications  Nos./size/ pitch  5/18/100
Max Allowable Load on Machine Table  kgs 1200
Machine Table Height from Floor mm 1000
CNC Controller - Mitsubishi M80V 
Spindle Taper  taper  BT40
Speed  rpm 6000
Power  kW 7.5/11
Tool Changing System Type  WO ATC
Maximum Tool Dia with all filled pots  mm NA
Maximum Tool Dia with adjacent pots empty mm NA
Maximum tool length mm NA
Maximum tool weight  kgs NA
Tool change time  sec NA
Rapid Traverse mm/min 32/32/32
Cutting Feed Rate  mm/min 1-10,000
Positioning Accuracy (as per ISO 230-2)  mm 0.016
Repeatability  Accuracy (as per ISO 230-2) mm 0.012
Basic Machine Dimensions (Length x Depth x Height)
- With Front Chip Disposal 
mm 2850 x 2850 x 3100
Basic Machine Dimensions (Length x Depth x Height)
- With Rear Chip Disposal 
mm 2850 x 3500 x 3100
Machine Weight (Basic Machine)  kgs  8000
Total Connected Load (Basic Machine)  kVA  33

1) 4th Axis Readiness: with Drive & Cable only (cables upto machine roof top) 
2) 4th Axis Readiness: with Drive, Motor, Cable & interfacing., suitable for Rotary Table Ø250mm - UCAM make 
3) 4th Axis Rotary Table of Ø250mm (Make: UCAM, Model: URQ-250)
4) Pneumatic Tail Stock (Model: UTAIL-160Px, UCAM Make),suitable for Ø250 Rotary Table
5) Rear Coolant Tank + chip chute in lieu of Front Chip Disposal
6) Pull Studs (10 Nos.) 
7) SD Card 
8) AC for electrical cabinet
9) Ethernet Cable of L=10m 
10) Readiness for Hydraulic fixture interfacing 

Sr No. Pre-Commissioning Details Download
1 Foundation layout diagram - Front chip disposal_18.pdf
2 Foundation layout diagram - Rear chip disposal_72.pdf
3 Machine layout diagram - Front chip disposal_16.pdf
4 Machine layout diagram - Rear chip disposal_60.pdf
5 Machine lifting diagram_78.pdf
6 Oil chart_89.pdf
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